NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Math's - The NCERT textbook is the primary resource for Math's in Class 9 for CBSE students. Mastering its concepts is crucial for academic success and lays a strong foundation for higher mathematics. To aid in this process, numerous NCERT solution resources are available. Here's a comprehensive overview:

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Math's

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Math's - Chapters Covered:

The NCERT Class 9 Math's textbook comprises 15 chapters, covering a wide range of topics:

1. Number Systems
2. Polynomials
3. Coordinate Geometry
4. Linear Equations in Two Variables
5. Introduction to Euclid's Geometry
6. Lines and Angles
7. Triangles
8. Quadrilaterals
9. Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles
10. Circles
11. Constructions
12. Heron's Formula
13. Surface Areas and Volumes
14. Statistics 
15. Probability

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Math's - Types of Solutions Available:

Official NCERT Solutions: These are provided by NCERT themselves and are available as PDFs on their website ( While they offer basic solutions for textbook exercises, they might lack detailed explanations.

  1. Third-Party Solutions: Numerous publishers and online platforms offer comprehensive NCERT solutions. These often include:
  2. Step-by-step solutions for all textbook exercises, including solved examples.
  3. Additional practice questions with solutions to reinforce understanding.
  4. Formula lists, key concepts summaries, and diagrams for better visualization.
  5. Chapter-wise mock tests and sample papers for exam preparation.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Math's - Popular Resources:

Here are some well-regarded resources for NCERT Class 9 Math's solutions:

  1. Byju's: Provides detailed solutions with explanations, practice questions, and revision notes. (
  2. Learn CBSE: Offers chapter-wise solutions, practice questions, and mock tests. (
  3. Tiwari Academy: Features step-by-step solutions, additional questions, and downloadable PDFs. (
  4. Cuemath: Provides interactive solutions with explanations, practice problems, and quizzes. (
  5. NCERT Solutions App: Several mobile apps offer NCERT solutions for Class 9 Math's, making them accessible on the go.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Math's - Choosing the Right Solution:

The best solution for you depends on your learning style and needs. Consider factors like:

  1. Detailed explanations: If you struggle with certain concepts, choose solutions with clear and thorough explanations.
  2. Practice questions: Look for resources with ample practice problems to solidify your understanding.
  3. Mock tests and sample papers: If preparing for exams, choose solutions with mock tests and sample papers for practice.
  4. User interface: Opt for solutions with a user-friendly interface and easy navigation for better accessibility.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Math's - FAQs

Where can I find NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Moth's?

You can find them online on various websites like BYJU'S, LearnCBSE, Cuemath, and Physics Wallah. These websites offer solutions in various formats, including PDFs and chapter-wise breakdowns.
Some websites also offer downloadable PDFs for offline access.

Are NCERT Solutions helpful for exams?

NCERT Solutions are based on the latest CBSE syllabus and cover all the important concepts and problems. Studying them can help you understand the concepts better, practice solving problems, and improve your exam preparation.

Do NCERT Solutions provide step-by-step explanations?

Yes, good NCERT Solutions will provide detailed step-by-step explanations for each problem. This helps you understand the thought process behind solving the problem and learn different approaches.

Which chapters are the most important in Class 9 Math's?

All chapters are important for building a strong foundation in mathematics. However, some chapters like Number Systems, Polynomials, Coordinate Geometry, Linear Equations in Two Variables, and Triangles carry more weightage in exams.

Where can I find solutions for specific problems?

Most websites allow you to search for solutions by chapter or problem number. You can also use keywords to find relevant solutions.

Are there any alternative resources for studying Class 9 Math's?

Along with NCERT Solutions, you can also use textbooks, reference books, online tutorials, and practice question banks to improve your understanding.